Miss Gracie Moondust- Retired
Sire: Int Champion BJ’s Klondike Dream Quest
Dam: Int Champion BJ’s Snowy Shasta Lily

Call Name – Gracie


Pedigree of “Miss Gracie Moondust”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE BJ’s Klondike Dream Quest  Owens Mickey the Mouse  Break Of Dawn I have a Dream
 Carais Magic Maggie
 McKinley’s Little White Snowflake  Indy’s White Ghost
 Juzzies White Ghost
DAM BJ’s Snowy Shasta Lily  Boggs Captivating Bentli’s Cooper  Europe and Asia Bentli Brait
 Pecan Knoxvilleberry
 Boggs White English Precious Peggy  Moondust Magical Mystery
 Sandar Miss T