Raising English Cream Golden Retrievers

“Litter is Reserved – Ready 2/6/20”

Pick Order: 1st Pick Female – Reserved, 2nd Pick  Female – Reserved

1st Pick Male Reserved, 2nd Pick Male Reserved, 3rd Pick Male Reserved,

4th Pick Male Reserved, 5th Pick Male Reserved , 6th Pick Male Reserved, 7th Pick Male Reserved

Homegrown, Family raised, 100% English Golden Retrievers. Each puppy is carefully tended so that it can add a touch of grace to your family.  Born in the kitchen and raised in our home while surrounded by family that’s our definition of homegrown. Puppies are bred for temperament and wonderful golden retriever characteristics, that make them a fantastic addition to your home.  At Graceful Golden Paws we believe that the right temperament and the right breed, raised the right way equal the perfect family companion! Miss Gracie Moondust comes out of 2 International Champions. Mr. Ajax Goldenpaws comes from amazing bloodlines. Miss Sadie out of 2 Champions herself has been imported from the Ukraine from a long line of European Champions.  Thank you for visiting.

Graceful: having or showing grace or elegance; showing grace of movement, form, or proportion

We love our English Creams they are the definition of the word graceful and we would love to share this with your family too.